Friday, August 01, 2003

Right now, I am performing the once a month maintenance on BrightStor - yes, the bane of my existence. BrightStor is a poorly written, cobbled together, bug-ridden horror of a program. The prune/purge for the ingres (!!!) database doesn't actually remove records from the database, thus it never becomes smaller. Noooo - it actually grows rather quickly to consume all resources and halts the box if left untended. The instructions for the True Purge require that the database be no more than 1/3rd the total disk space... Thus, if it has already grown to 1/2 or more, you might as well blow it all away and reinstall the database from scratch (as I have done many times), because the True Purge routine will fail.

Thus, about once a month I do the True Purge routine, which consists of running some arcane database instructions, then running a custom script that actually reloads the database in a new format, thus truly deleting all non-records. It just finished, and the 4gb drive went from 33% to 38% during the process, then dropped to 14% when it completed. The 9gb drive that hosts the actual application and is not supposed to have the database stored on it went from 37% to 41%, then dropped to 15%. Quite a reduction!

Now I get to stop BrightStor and its database, then restart them. Of course this will likely wreck the group configuration, so I will need to go in and manually fix that. Did I mention that I disliked BrightStor?