Sunday, August 03, 2003

Well, I had a big post up here and my system locked up. I hate computers. *sigh*

OK - quick recap - friday night trouble call, dialed in and recovered the servers - all is well. Got the app server and database servers talking together again.

Afterwards, Patty and I went out for a very very late dinner - 10pm, actually. Silver Diner, I had corned beef hash and eggs - very healthy! Patty and I then shared a Mile High Triple Decker Chocolate Fudge Cake. ;)

This morning, we went to see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! Awesome, I urge all fans of classical fiction to go see it immediately! I'll be buying the DVD when it comes out. My favorite part is the Nautilus. They did a great job with the effects, and the acting is perfect.

At home afterwards, we watched Godzilla (the new one, with Matthew Broderick), and moments after the final credits (9:30pm) I got another trouble call - seems someone unplugged the racks at the new site, which killed all the servers and some of them didn't come back, because half of the operation is down. *sigh* I went into the new site, turned on the machine that didn't reboot (a gx260, as it turns out) and noticed that while it did boot, it hung during net configuration. I unplugged the fiber from the back, and replugged it, and the boot completed, but now the communication was spotty at best. I could now communicate with local servers on the same switch, but nothing across the fiber. Oh joy. Brian and Larry have been fighting this beast for weeks, and now it has risen up again. I came back home, and in a moment I will try to connect from this side, but I hold no hope for it. It seems that the self-healing card we had hoped to use is not functioning as desired. If there is any problem, it just ceases functioning. Not at all good. Maybe Brian knows a secret to fix it. :)