Monday, August 04, 2003

Just heads up about a new virus that is spreading in the wild as I type - you really need to make sure you have the most recent Microsoft patches on your system as well as the most recent anti-virus signatures for your anti-virus client.

SP4 for W2K is, from what I have experienced and heard around the web, fairly stable and works well in most cases. The only problem I have seen with it is where you have Norton Systemworks on your system that is older than 2002. For instance, if you have Norton 2001, you won't be able to run speeddisk anymore. Minor, really.

In other news, Sunday went well, nice day overall. Watched Zoolander again - hilarious! This makes the 4th or 5th time I've seen it, and it is still funny.

Today I hope to get my boss his gx260 so he can start moving data and customizing it to his taste. Then I'll install the ghost image on the other two and be done with the basic installs of all of the new computers. We hope to begin moving the various boxes of 'stuff' into the new site this week and next, and hopefully we will have a secure place to store the computers and such.