Sunday, August 17, 2003

What a weekend. 8+ hours both Sat and Sun, and 12 hrs Friday. Nice paycheck, but all work and no rest makes Mike a tired boy.

We have pretty much all of the computers hooked up and working correctly that need to be doing so, and interconnectivity is working as well, so the people that used to be able to edit the website can still do so, and actually have three computers to do it from as opposed to one. The application servers are speaking once more, after some domain problems - hint, LMHOSTS files are the spawn of the devil. Especially when you assume they were never used, and couldn't possibly be preventing your apps server from joining the domain. *sigh*

We just installed the new printers and fax machines, and the paging machine is working as well. I am converting workstations as I get the opportunity, but so far have only done a few of them - people tend to take laptops home on the weekend. I anticipate a Monday full of good cheer and patience as I run around reconfiguring the network IPs on all of the machines as they arrive with their owners.

On the home front, Patty and I are both doing well, other than my complete exhaustion thursday leading to a sleepless night and severe cramps and less-than-optimal performance Friday (on <3 hrs sleep). We watched Tombstone - great movie - we will watch it again tonight!