Sunday, September 14, 2003

Got to watch another episode of Buffy last night - The one where Buffy can read minds and 'overhears' someone thinking about killing everyone in the school. Good episode, ends happily, and Buffy finds out that Giles and her mother had a fling. ;)

Today we are considering going to see 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico'. I'm hesitating because Johnny Depp has supposedly said some rather anti-american things recently. I wonder how many people won't go simply because he ran his mouth?

Looks like we get to close the pool soon. Perhaps next week, even. Kinda sad to see it go into hibernation for the winter, but it's also a relief not to have to worry about it for several months. Seems like something was always going wrong with it this season. We replaced the main switch-valve, the DE filters, and parts of the piping and such. Last year we had to have repair work done on the wall itself (underwater) and several tiles had to be re-mounted and even one of the big coping stones was coming loose and had to be repaired. Always seems to be something. Hopefully the winter won't damage it anymore.