Monday, September 15, 2003

Nice day today - not hot, not cold. Went to see 'Once Upon A Time In Mexico' - my advice? No kids. Definitely not for kids. A lady just behind us had her kids there, and there were some rather harsh scenes that were more reminiscent of 'Hellraiser' than an action/adventure movie.

Everyone betrays everyone, most of them die. Quick summary, that, but accurate. Good acting, but I wish we had waited for the DVD.

Other than that, we watched 'The Core' Sunday as well, and it is a rocking action story with some great effects. Really bad science, but great effects. A good ride as long as you don't take the science and physics as gospel.

We are also watching Isabel as she gets closer - most forecast tracks show a good chance of her coming right through here, and since shes a category 5 right now, that is not good.