Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Isabel is still on the way, they expect a landfall sometime late Wed/early Thurs, with the 'eye' reaching us Thursday night, perhaps. She has dropped to a Cat4, and still dropping, so perhaps we will just get a normally bad storm out of it. Of course, she could pick up speed and power again, hard to tell at this point.

Last night I inventoried the batteries and flashlights. We have 7 or 8 flashlights, and lots of c, aa and aaa batteries. Problem is that all the flashlights take D, and we have none. *sigh* After checking four stores, I hit the motherlode and bought five 4-packs of D, a lantern cell, and two 8-packs of C, as well as a small, portable radio that uses C. Now we are in good shape. Batteries are flying off the shelves though, especially D cells! We have lots of water and other drinks, like juices, etc stockpiled, and canned food, etc. I told Patty that if we lose power for a few days we will have to use the BBQ grill to cook with - should be interesting. Have to cook all the food in the freezer too! Of course, I'm still hoping we just get a little wind and rain, and it all blows over with no damage.