Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Last night the power went out several times, but only for 1-2 seconds each time. Just long enough to whack all the clocks again. I won a game of Trivial Pursuit against Patty and lost a follow-up game of rummy 500. Big surprise there, I usually get stomped at rummy - she's a card shark!

It rained all night and most of yesterday after 6pm, so the roads are starting to flood and such - still no water in the sunken den! *Crossing fingers and knocking on wood* Apparently my drain is working! Of course, the smaller ditch I dug to keep water and mud off of the deck failed miserably - the deck has a nice coating of mud after last nights rain. I don't know what to do there. Maybe dig it deeper so the water can get under the deck? Might have to do that. Maybe get some cement and make it a more permanent job.