Sunday, September 21, 2003

Well, after 45 hours of being in the dark, the power came back on at around 9:15 PM yesterday. We lost most of the stuff in the freezer and fridge, except what we took to a friend's house yesterday morning. The fridge needed cleaning out anyway, and the freezer was full of those things you buy at Sam's Club that look fantastic but you never actually eat. We go shopping tomorrow, I think.

Strangely enough, we have internet but no cable service. I have no clue why. At least with power comes the AC - it got over 80 indoors yesterday, and opening the windows did no good. We went to the mall to cool off for a few hours. Upstairs was worse - we were preparing to sleep downstairs when the power came back on. WOO!

At work we had no major problems, and the minor ones were quickly taken care of. One of the remote servers was apparently unplugged for some reason Thursday morning, we still don't know why. No biggie, it isn't a primary server, and the purpose it serves is kinda optional. Maybe we can fold it's purpose into another server to consolidate boxes.