Friday, October 31, 2003

Halloween! Today I put on some black pants, a chinese-collar button-up shirt, my long black leather coat, and of course, my clip-on shades that came with my glasses. Not a bad look after all. When I got to work, one of the guys said "SHAFT!". Heh. I don't flatter myself that I could pass for Shaft, but maybe Neo in poor lighting.

I won two 12gb bigfoot hard drives on ebay a week or so ago, $47.95 shipped, and they arrived yesterday. One drive worked OK, the other wouldn't spin up - just a knocking sound, then nothing at all on the next several boot attempts. I have emailed the seller with the details, hope we can work something out.

My jaw, which had been hurting for quite a while, stopped hurting a week or so ago - now I have just the occasional POP and stab of pain to remind me to take smaller bites. My dagwood hero-sub days are over, apparently. Other than that, everything is good, no problems.

One of my good friends, Christinia, is getting married today! Congratulations you guys! I got the invite Wednesday, so no chance of making the ceremony, but our best wishes to you!