Saturday, October 25, 2003

Productive day, even if a bit annoying at times. I tore apart both Rasputin (Dell 500SC) and Stalin (older Pentium 240MMX) and with a lot of drive/card swapping ended up with two more useful computers. Where I used to have the three IDE drives in Rasputin, I threw them all out. I took my two largest SCSI drives (both SCSI-Wide) and put them in Rasputin, along with an Adaptec 2940W card. Installed Win98 on it, base install, and was able to install my SyJet 1.5gb removable drive unit and verify/format all six cartridges. Works like a champ. Then I removed it and installed the Toshiba W1111 5.2gb DVD-RAM drive, and verified/formatted all five DVD-RAM cartridges I have (2.6gb per side).

In Stalin, I installed the MGA Matrox Millennium video card and the companion Voodoo card, the Adaptec 2940 card, and the remaining 1gb SCSI drive (50 pin) I got Red Hat 9 started on a minimal install, but it failed due to insufficient drive space. ;) That was enough to verify the drive, and I have two IDE 12gb drives on the way ($47 shipped!) that I need to find a home for. I'm thinking one in each chassis. Should be enough to make a couple of nice units.

In the meantime, my main system (Trotsky) has been having difficulties with the new DVD-RAM drive - the Toshiba W2002. its a 9.4gb drive, getting 4.7gb per side of a 2-sided cartridge. Basically double the old DVD-RAM drive I had in Rasputin for a short while. I can write to it, but I cannot delete anything, and efforts to format result in lockups which, if I don't reset, result in a blue screen of death about 3 minutes later.

I'm thinking that my next step is to remove the W2002 from Trotsky and put it in Rasputin, then try to access the DVD-RAM and format it, etc. Since the older W1111 unit worked well in Rasputin, I'm hoping the newer W2002 unit will as well. Otherwise, I trash the media and sell the drive without a cartridge.

Yes, folks, I'm going to be selling on ebay again soon!
JUNK : 2111mb Western Digital WD AC22100 Caviar 22100 IDE 5200rpm HD
JUNK : 8622mb Seagate ST38420A Medalist 8420 Ultra ATA-4 IDE 5400rpm HD
JUNK : 341mb Western Digital WD AC2340 Caviar 2340 3.5" IDE 3322rpm HD
1500mb Syquest 1.5g SyJet Internal 3.5" SCSI Removable Hard Drive with SIX 1.5gb cartridges.
5200mb Toshiba SD-W1111 Internal 5.25" SCSI 5.2gb DVD-RAM with FIVE 5.2gb double sided (2.6gb per side) DVD-RAM disks
9400mb Toshiba SD-W2002 Internal 5.25" IDE 9.4gb DVD-RAM with ONE 9.4gb DVD-RAM disk (maybe)
3Com 3C16733A OfficeConnect 4-Port Dual-Speed Switch
ASUS V6800 Pure GeForce DDR 32mb AGP Video Card
Creative Labs SoundBlaster 64 AWE PnP Gold 16-bit wavetable ISA sound card
Altec Lansing ACS500 Surround Sound analog speakers with subwoofer
Two (2) Intel USB AnyPoint Phoneline 10mb Home Network (APR2H2USB)

I will also have for sale (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY) an operational full tower unit - check out Stalin, soon to be upgraded to include a 12gb Bigfoot IDE drive.

This thing is heavy, so only local folks need apply. Best offer. If all else fails, I'lll try to give it to a school. ;)