Sunday, October 26, 2003

So far this morning I have removed the W2002 DVD-RAM from Trotsky, my main system, and installed into Rasputin, the Dell 500SC. It booted right up, and is happily formatting the DVD-RAM. Apparently my efforts to delete/format on the Win2000 unit caused some damage to the partition on the DVD-RAM cartridge. Physical format of the DVD-RAM is required - about 90min per side, I think. No matter, that's what KVM switches were made for. I'll try to sell this W2002 drive on ebay, I think, along will all my other accumulated stuff.

I have a friend in Roanoke that may be interested in some of this stuff, maybe I'll give him a call and drop it off at his place next time I visit my folks. Bruce? Gary? :)