Monday, December 29, 2003

Back on Dec 1 I mentioned the rift between and - basically SSC (who hosted the site for years) is trying to take over the site content, copyrights and all, so the original founders and most of the contributors moved to the .net site. In that Dec 1 blog entry, I posted links to several pages on the .com side that showed the reactions of the public and documented the lack of care of SSC. Now, most of those links are either neutered (no more comments allowed) or the comments have been deleted completely. They have closed down the forums as well.

Bye-bye, Forums

They are apparently hoping that if they hide the public reaction, then post something positive, that people will stop caring and just accept the changes.

I again suggest that everyone bookmark the new site at The REAL Linux Gazette, and if you wish to, cancel subscriptions to the Linux Journal, as well as tell all of your linux friends about it.