Monday, January 05, 2004

I've been a bad blogger - no posts for a week!

Anyway - last week was mainly relaxing between workdays, then a trip to Jersey to visit Patty's family. On the trip back, her brother Eddie followed us, he will be spending a week or so with us!

Thursday night we noticed that one of our green rope trees had been stolen right off of the lawn. Unplugged, yanked up and taken, leaving the extension cord and the metal stakes it used to be spiked down with strewn around. Ah well, looked kinda funny all by itself over there anyway. The rest of the xmas stuff is fine, around the front door and main window - well-lit area. The lone tree in the side yard with no other lighting is the one that was taken. Sneaky little punks. Makes ya want to go all vigilante and hook 220 to the frame next time, eh?

Saw 'Return of the King' last week as well - great movie! Can't wait to get the extended version and see what they hacked out of it to make it shorter.