Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I took yet another day off today due to bad weather. What did I get accomplished? A bit more shoveling, cleared some more of the backyard for the dogs, slid down the driveway - literally - to retrieve the trashcan and recycle bin from the curb. Decided that walking back up the driveway was a no-go and walked through the 7" of crunchy iced-over snow in the yard to get back to the house - dragging the trashcan behind me.

It drizzled/misted all day, with it freezing as soon as it hit, creating some rather impressive icicles around the guttering in various places. Now I get to go out and break them off before they tear the gutters off the house. You know, stand UNDER a huge clump of sharp daggers 25' up a wall and whack it with an extension pole?

About 4 or just before, it started raining a mix of snow and sleet with a vengeance, getting about 1/4" accumulation before it went back to a snowy/misty/ice thing. Nasty. Even though it hit 33deg today for a few hours, it was back in the high 20's by 4pm, and it is now 26. Hopefully the road crews will have the roads cleared and just wet tomorrow - I really can't take another day off!