Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Made it to work today, even though all of the secondary roads are still covered in partly frozen snow and slush. The main roads are wet, but they too will freeze if the temp drops much below 20.

The new viruses are all too often getting labeled with 'worm'. Personally, I don't consider anything to be a worm unless it spreads without user intervention. That is, anything that requires you to click on it, open it, run it, or otherwise interact with it is NOT a worm, that is a trojan or a virus.

A worm is the SQL Slammer - it spread throughout thousands if not millions of computers using a vulnerability that made the computers open to infection across the internet, no user intervention required. Thus, it spread like wildfire.

I wish the 'professionals' would at least try to get the terminology right. I suppose 'worm' sounds worse than 'trojan' and now 'virus' is a catch-all term that includes all of the above. *sigh*