Monday, February 09, 2004

Feeling a bit better today - still a minor sore throad and drainage, with my ears a bit stuffy, but mobile and only a little bit 'medicated'.

Got in to work today to find that drive 2 in the library had failed - reset the drive and the library, and now it appears to be working OK. *sigh* And you thought rebooting only worked with Windows!

Checking the new packrat off-site backup unit, and noticed that it hadn't run any of the backups it was supposed to run. Well, almost - it ran one, but not the other two. I checked the crontab (scheduler) and noticed that the filenames in there did not match the filenames of the scripts. Oops. Fixed. Ran the backup manually once, just to update the data on the new server.

Over the weekend, I got most of the way done in Deus Ex 2 : Invisible War. Yes, I got all the way to the Antarctic, and I'm now in JC's lair. Woo. over 14 hrs playing over two days. Patty is a saint to put up with me.

Speaking of Patty, please go check out her website, as she has some new items up just in time for Valentine's Day!