Wednesday, February 11, 2004

If you are an Outlook user for email, but use Netscape for browsing, you likely have encountered Netscape's irrational desire to use it's own email client when you click on an email link. Here is how to stop this:

To make Mozilla or Netscape use another mail program, type the following in your browser's location bar:


This will bring up a long list of parameters and settings.
Click on any one of the items to highlight it and then right click.
Choose from the pop-up menu New | Boolean.

It will give you a dialog box. Type :


You will then get another dialog box asking for the value of the boolen you just put in. In this box, type :


and hit enter. The new value should appear in the listing, and now
netscape will use the system's default mail client when you click on a mailto: link.