Sunday, July 18, 2004

As usual - the weather predictions were wrong. We had rain overnight, a light rain until around 9am, rain from 11-2, then sunny skies and decent weather the rest of the day. So far anyway.

The game went well once we started it - the preliminary bull session and such was fun, however. Ants are an excellent adversary to level up low level characters quickly. A group of four workers, follower by another group of four workers and two soldiers made all of the players lvl 2, then they went against a group of four soldiers in a bottleneck that allowed the characters to win at the cost of being injured with no healing left and very few hit points remaining. They withdrew and rested for a few days to heal back up and learn new spells, etc.

We broke the game around 5pm, after the rest period. This was pretty much a sample game, so we could cover some of the stickier points of 3.5 ed AD&D, such as cover, attacks of opportunity, and flanking. We also got a level in, so we practiced taking a character up a level. Good overall, and we got to eat some hamburgers and hot dogs, play with Maggie and Toby, enjoy the day, and overall have quite a good time.

Now back to packing what I can.

We signed with an agent, open house next Sunday from noon to 5pm, and we have to have the house in GOOD shape, with most of the cluttery furniture out, and most of the decorations as well. Just the primary furniture can remain.

After the open house, we will likely begin moving the larger items until eventually we will be left with an empty house, completely moved out of and us settled in our respective apartments. Hopefully it will sell quickly. I would like to have all of this behind me by September.