Sunday, July 18, 2004

Today we are supposed to have an AD&D game with a pool party and cookout - but it's raining. Supposed to be rain broken up by thunderstorms all day. *sigh* Ah well. I suppose we can cook the burgers & hot dogs and then eat inside. The game should be fun anyway. I don't have any miniatures, so we'll be using my old Battletech minis to represent the various warriors, mages, and clerics.

In other news - the new car is doing great! I loaded several boxes into it last night, then bought more moving packs from budget, delivered the full boxes to my new apt, and got the packs back home where we started packing kitchen stuff. The moving packs are quite well-designed. 10 medium & 10 small boxes, along with tape and a marker for $40. The kitchen pack has 4 small and 3 medium, along with a dish pack and glasses pack, with bubble wrap and 10 lbs of paper for wrapping things. And the marker and tape, of course.

We will be having an Open House next Sunday - we signed the papers with the realtor yesterday. This gives us a week to get the house partially empty, as it should sell better with some furniture. We might empty it out after the Open House, depending on reaction from the attendees.