Thursday, July 08, 2004

Home again! I have been in Roanoke since Saturday morning, and just got home this afternoon. I had a thoroughly enjoyable vacation, met most of my old friends and got to spend some quality time with them, and got to even do a little gaming!

Traffic was light both on the way there and on the way back, regardless of the holiday weekend - I saw no backups at all.

I get the keys to my new apartment tomorrow! I'll be there most of the evening measuring and such - I have a lot of furniture to move/have delivered there and need to know what will go where.

As it is Thursday, Kingdom Hospital will be on tonight at 9pm on ABC, right? They wouldn't jerk it again, would they? Of course they would. The guide said 9pm, even the on-screen info said 9pm. At 9pm, however, some documentary about cancer came on and they scrolled a line at the top of the screen saying "Kingdom Hospital will not be shown tonight. However, it will be shown at 3am for those that wish to see it."

Gee, thanks. Bastards. Yes, I'll be up at 3am to see it. I'm off tomorrow as well, otherwise this would be VERY inconvenient! I hope they play it as scheduled next week.

Haven't played City of Heroes since Friday night... D.T.'s setting in. Maybe I can play while I'm waiting for Kingdom Hospital!

I have been going through a list of things I need to do when I move - and new checks cropped up. I need a new phone number for the new place (Patty is keeping her old number), and I need that number for most of the change of address notices on the bills, etc - and most importantly for the new checks! Tomorrow I'll have a lot of calls to make, as I want to get everything pretty much situated and ready for the change of address. The more I do manually, the less I have to depend on the USPS Change of Address forms to make sure my mail comes to the right place.