Sunday, July 11, 2004

I got the keys Friday, looked around and made the move-in inspection. Overall, everything looks great, and the apartment is larger than I had thought on previous visits.

There is so much to do with any move - I am just doing a little at a time, as the deadline is around mid-aug when the house should be sold. We will likely put it up for sale soon now.

Patty has begun packing in earnest, and she has several dozen boxes packed and in the garage for the movers (eventually). I'll start packing fairly soon - I might want to get some more bookcases first, then I can move the books to the new bookcases and have some extra room for the books I have in storage in Roanoke!

I'm still looking at cars, haven't made up my mind yet - Saturn VUE got some good reviews, but also some pretty bad ones regarding the fit and finish, quality of workmanship, etc. The Ford Escape seems to be better than the Vue on all counts, even mileage. Larger engine as well. The Subaru and Volvo small SUV entries aren't bad either, but the price jumps up significantly with them.

Got the Best of Alice in Chains - great CD - listening to it now. Might try and keep it going when I play City of Heroes! Lvl 12 now, with over 38 hrs in the game total. When you speak to pedestrians and such, occasionally they mention how long you have been playing - nice feature.