Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Finally finished with the house! All empty, cleaned up, and a large pile of good items for Purple Heart. There is a matching pile of not-so-good stuff in the garage, where we went through all of the items and selected a very small amount to take with us, a larger portion stays behind for the new owners (paint/brushes/rollers/yard stuff), and the largest portion is piled in the middle of the floor to be taken out Wed eve for Thursdays trash pick-up. All we have to do Wed is take the trash to the curb, sweep/blow/shop-vac out the garage, and we will be done with the house!

Sara is moving Saturday, so I have to make room in my dining room for her table, which I'm using until she needs it again, which might be never. This means, unfortunately, that once the table is in there, I'll have nowhere large enough to assemble the bookcases I bought. Tonight is bookcase-building night, it appears. I have a few boxes to move, only 3-4, then I need to build at least the two large bookcases and get them in their final homes. I also need to move the coffee table into it's spot in front of the TV, and perhaps find a more gracious method of concealing the wires to the speakers. Now I have the area rug running between the TV and sofa, at a 90 degree turn from it's usual orientation. Looks kinda strange.