Sunday, August 01, 2004

Saturday I got back online, and even got to keep my old email address. Turns out they connected Patty a few hours before me, and since we told the tech that I wanted my email (that was secondary on her account) to be the primary on my new account, he 'did magic' and marked it to be so. When the tech (different one) got to my apt to connect me, all he had to do was register my account as a new one and tell it to use my email as primary, and everything worked great.

Since he also hooked up the TV with digital cable, HBO and Showtime, I spent a few hours figuring out and connecting the Surround Sound receiver, speakers, DVD/VHS unit, dual cassette, etc - all that wiring. I think everything works. I watched a movie in DTS and Dolby just to make sure they worked, and played a VHS as well. I haven't tested playing a CD without the TV turned on, but the way it is wired should not require the TV for that. I think I had it wired wrong before. Very wrong. Better now.

Sunday, I left Maggie here at the apt for a few hours while I helped Patty move stuff out of the house to her apt and she did very well. I'll leave her here tomorrow while I'm at work, and come home for lunch to check on her. Patty wasn't so lucky. While she was out shopping for a desk this morning, Toby was VERY sick and had multiple orifices throwing off ballast in several directions. On her new apt carpet. The carpet that was due for a 'dog inspection' tuesday. *sigh*. We think he was just nervous-sick, because he hasn't really had much alone-time with Maggie there all the time, and it was the first time he had been left alone in the apt. Plus his crate (cage) wasn't there.

I ran out and got her several types of miracle spot/stain remover, as well as fetching Toby's crate from the house and bringing it into the apt. Toby was VERY happy to have his crate, and ran right in there and lay down. Poor guy, he just needed some comforting surroundings.

Today we also cleaned out the house, removing all of the remnants of our belongings, and went a LONG way towards throwing away all the stuff that neither of us wanted anymore. We are leaving a huge amount out front for Purple Heart. and even more for the trash pickup.

I thoroughly vacuumed all of the upstairs carpets, walls, corners, fans, ceilings, and misc cobwebby spots. The entire upstairs is vacant and ready for showing! Downstairs... Well. It's vacant, but not clean by any definition of the term. I'll be there tomorrow night cleaning it all just as thoroughly as upstairs. Once the house is clean and empty of stuff, we can let the realtor put a lock-box on the door. We hope the contract we signed already will be the only one we need to worry about, and that the buyer will follow through according to plan, but there is always the chance they could back out. Once I finish cleaning the house tomorrow, we will need to empty and clean the garage, and then we will be done! I'll let the yard service continue mowing/edging the lawn until after closing, then cancel and pay the outstanding balance. Gotta keep that curb appeal!

Now then, off to bed after a healthy snack of three french twirls and a glass of dragonjuice. All I have eaten today is the remaining two twirls, some popcorn and a bit of peanut butter that I had to coax from the near-empty jar. Now that I have bought actual groceries and emptied the fridge at the house, I have some food in the apt to work with. On the plus side, I weighed myself this morning and came in at 230 lbs. Yes, 230. At the beginning of May, I was at 245 or even a bit more. So between the stress, poor diet, and hard work moving stuff, I have lost 15+ lbs and actually feel pretty good, physically. I'm tired out from the 1am bedtimes and 6:30am wakeup calls, but that was partially offset by a nap I got today. I'm hoping a few days of regular food and normal sleeping patterns will serve to get my energy back up.