Monday, August 09, 2004

Had a nice weekend at home, unpacked a little more, moved the pictures around to approximately where I want to hang them, completed the assembly of the rest of the bookcases and such. I finished the bathroom project, which consisted of the bathmats, shower curtains and an extra shower rod. Now that it looks somewhat nice in there all that is left is to hang the pictures. I'm thinking that my next project is to hang all the art - or put away all of my books/cds/vhs tapes in their various new homes. Both need to be done by the end of the month when my mother and possibly my brother come to visit!

I played a few more hours of City of Heroes - such a good game. Managed to get myself and the rest of my team outmatched and thus 'killed' several times. Luckily I was able to retreat to a safe place and use my new teleport power to teleport their bodies to me, then I ressurected them! Nice to have the power. :)

I started giving Maggie some of those 'calming' biscuits we bought a while ago. I think they do have an effect, she is calmer and only barks at visitors for under a minute now, where she used to be good for 5 min or so. I spread 4 of them around the house - I hope that she eats them throughout the day and stays happy and quiet.

I ordered all four seasons of "South Park" from amazon. :) Along with several other DVDs I wanted. Not thrifty. But they are just so FUNNY. Horrible, anti-social, unsuitable for viewing, but FUNNY.