Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Well, I just unpacked 24 more boxes and put all of my hardback and gaming books on the shelves in the office! I have only 6 boxes left, and they are all full of stuff I need to sort into drawers or find storage for, like diskettes, shelf toys, etc.

I also bought a few wall clocks and hung them up - I can tell what time it is pretty much anywhere in the apartment! You just don't know how important that is until you take a break from City of Heroes and notice the microwave says 12:34am and you have to be at work tomorrow at 7:30am. Clocks are good.

I got my firewall/router installed and working just fine - I learned that with a Linksys you can't have both the WAN and LAN side set up for DHCP. I don't know why, but mine was conflicting, and one of the notes on the manual said basically 'Don't Do That.', so I set the LAN side for fixed IPs and suddenly everything stabilized.

The symptom was connectivity was Ok for a few minutes, then dropped for a few minutes and you could watch the lights on the router go out as it reset, then come back on and connectivity would come back, then the lights would go out as it reset again, etc.

I think the DHCP server on the LAN side was screwing with the ComCast DHCP server on the WAN side, and I don't know why. Brian said he runs both sides DHCP with no problems. *shrug* Must be my special karma. :)