Saturday, September 11, 2004

Feeling much better today, as I slept most of thursday and went to bed friday at around 6pm. Today I went to the Renaissance Faire here in Maryland - great fun! There were a lot of varieties of food, entertainment, crafts and other 'buyable' items! We spent over 8 hours running around the place. I resisted buying a beautiful claymore for my wall, and instead got a 64" x 33" tapestry of an italian lake and garden to go over the sofa. Now I have to find a bar and hanging kit. Home Depot, here I come!

The weather was perfect, no rain, somewhat overcast so it never got too hot, there was only direct sunlight after about 4 or 5pm, and we left at 6. The place closes at 7, and we didn't want to face the sea of traffic all trying to escape at once!

I'm going to have to go again - I do think I want that claymore, and I'm thinking about some other lethal items as well. A nice set of battleaxes and perhaps a war-scythe, and then there was the halberd and several styles of mace/morning stars. Smogasborg of weaponry!