Friday, September 10, 2004

Yesterday wasn't much fun - went home sick and slept from 11 to 5pm, got up, ate a bit, walked the dog, etc. Then finished Silent Hill 2. When I put in the game, I noticed that all of my saves from the day before were gone except for a few early ones! Seems that if you have too many saves, the game forces you to start saving into another file, which is lost when you reboot! Annoying. So I replayed the hour or so I had lost, and got it finished around 9pm. Decent game.

Turns out that there are FIVE possible endings, and you have to take different actions during the game to see them. Sheesh. GameShark to the rescue. If I can't use cheat codes to see all of the endings, I'll just have to do without them - I have never been one to replay a game multiple times just so see a different ending movie.

Feeling better today, we'll see how things turn out.