Sunday, October 03, 2004

I forgot to mention that I found a new anti-spyware program that I really like! I have uninstalled Ad-Aware even though I paid for it. I also uninstalled Startup Monitor and PestPatrol.

Spy Sweeper - check it out! There is a free version available, but I went ahead and paid for the full version. It does everything that I needed an anti-spyware application to do, including watching for programs that try to change my auto-start list, edit my home page, edit the hosts file, install anything without permission, etc. Very complete and well-designed. FAST as well, it deep-scanned my entire system in under 30 minutes and found several remnants and such that the other two packages missed completely.

It also let me know that I had a trojaned version of TCPDump . I had never used it, but I had downloaded it as an addition to my security toolset. Turns out that for a period of a few days in 2002 their website was hacked and a trojanned version of the source was put up there. I had downloaded the source and the app. The app was not affected, but if I had attempted to re-compile the source, it would have activated the trojan. Nasty fellows. Anyway, all gone - I have never needed it in the several years I had it, so I deleted it.

Maybe it's time to go through all of my old utilities - I still have old dos menu utilities and ascii graphics utilites. Nice back then, kinda silly nowadays.