Sunday, October 03, 2004

I'm back! I took Friday off and just before noon drove to Roanoke. Had a great game of Morrow with my old friends Friday night. I had actually forgotten how much fun it was to roleplay with them. Bruce runs a good game where player input is appreciated, the plot is well-done, and the game runs smoothly without the need for heavy-handed DM maneuvers. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! The story drove the game, with the dice being used only for combat resolution and the occasional skill check. Good game.

Saturday I slept late - didn't get back to Mom's after the game until 2am. :)

Went out to eat with Dad and grandma, then went back to her place for some talk & TV. Caught up on current events and had a good evening. Went back to Mom's and watched "Rundown" and then "Scooby-Doo 2" - good movies. For dinner I basically had chocolate-covered glazed donuts, chips & salsa and a whole tube of Pringles. Ya just gotta relax sometimes. :)

Today I went back up to Dad's and packed up all the books that I had left there. For the past seven years a healthy-sized fraction of my book collection has been at his place. I packed up twelve boxes of books and managed to get them all loaded into my Escape in one layer in the back. A partial box went in the front seat. and I was able to get them all home with no problems! Unloading them once I got home didn't take very long. Now I get to unpack them and re-integrate them into my existing library!

Since I dropped Maggie off at Patty's Tuesday night, I haven't had a dog in the house all week. Patty was going to NJ to visit her family from Tues-Sat, and since I was leaving Friday, she decided to just take both dogs, that way I didn't have to deal with Maggie on the trip to Roanoke. Much appreciated. It's a bit lonelier without Maggie in the house, but its also a good deal quieter and more relaxing. No stressing about her barking at every little noise. I was actually able to open the windows and air the place out for the first time since I moved in - I can't have the windows open when Maggie is here, she goes insane barking at everything.

Tonight Patty drops Maggie back off here. I'll quickly get back into the routine of feeding, walking, etc. I believe I prefer NOT having a dog, however. We will have to see how things work out. If Patty and Sara would like to keep Maggie long-term, I may let her go to them.