Monday, October 25, 2004

I'm feeling a bit better, back at work at any rate. This was a nasty cold or perhaps the flu, I'm not really sure. Between the headaches, muscle cramps and joint aches it was like the flu, but the congestion and dizziness were like a cold. Not good. Better now except for some lingering sinus issues.

Saturday I watched the Star Wars additional documentaries and such, all four hours of them. Then I watched Van Helsing and The Day After Tomorrow - both are excellent movies that I am very glad I bought! Now then, The Breed, starring Adrian Paul (Highlander) was a complete dog that I couldn't even watch. Yes, that bad.

Sunday I watched the first two seasons of Blackadder - hilarious stuff! While I watched all these movies, I ripped several dozen of my favorite CDs into my computer - now I have over 70gb of music on it!

Didn't get a lot done except watch a bunch of DVDs. I did get to check out a friend's system - dead MB, I think. Replaced the power supply, still no response to power at all. I was originally going to swap the HD and CD burner into an older chassis I had, but it turned out to be a P133. How embarrasing. I thought it was at least a 1.2ghz. Nope. 133 with 64mb ram and a 2mb onboard video chip. 1.2gb HD. Probably the BIOS wouldn't have even recognized the 40gb drive from the dead system.

So now I am on a mission to find a replacement 2ghz or so system. *sigh*