Monday, December 27, 2004

I just arrived home after a very nice trip to Roanoke for the holidays. I got to see almost everyone I had planned on seeing, and even got to see some old friends I had not seen in many years. I think everyone enjoyed their gifts, I know I did!

The high point of the trip was, as always, the Christmas Eve party at Lori's - her house is always so cheerful and happy! The food was excellent as well. The Christmas Day dinner at Grandma's was excellent, with good food and good people, makes for a very good time. Thursday night I went to an Xmas party at Lee's - ate FAR too much and had a great time! Yesterday was spent at the malls cashing in the various gift cards I got - wonderful thing, gift cards!

I got Half Life 2 for 39.99, regular price $54.99, and Doom 3 for $29.99, regular 49.99. Not bad! Tonight I will go shopping a bit more, then go pick up Maggie later on tonight. I missed Maggie - but it is far more convenient to travel without a dog! Patty is gracious enough to watch Maggie and take both Maggie and Toby to New Jersey when she visits her family. Very nice of her and much appreciated!

I got lots of other nice gifts as well, a toaster, a coffee maker, a set of pots/pans, a really nice blanket (toasty warm), and many other things!

I'm going to catch up on email and then go shopping. Later!