Wednesday, December 08, 2004

It has been a few days since I posted anything - let's try to catch up. Not much is going on - I managed to finish all of the Christmas shopping I needed to do, all I have left to buy is one card because I mis-counted. :)

I recently started watching season two of Angel - I have 1-4. I just got Season 7 of Buffy in, and I will be watching that one interpersed with Angel season four - when they were running concurrently.

I am still watching CSI almost every night - from 7-9 (two episodes) every weeknight on Spike TV. Thursday nights at 9 is the new season on CBS, so I watch that also.

I have been playing more City of Heroes - after not playing for several weeks, I got in over 10 hrs last weekend. I'm up to around 80 hrs in the game total, and haven't quite made lvl 15. Wow. Some players are up to lvl 50 + already. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Maggie is fine, and I enjoy having a dog in the house - something to come home to and someone that is glad to see me. Sounds kinda depressing, but it's true. Of course, it also means I cannot go out as much as I sometimes want to - but I'm usually perfectly happy staying home and watching TV, DVDs, reading, or playing on the computer. Homebody.