Monday, December 13, 2004

Had a nice weekend - played a lot of Champions of Norrath - an addictive Everquest extension for the PS2. I played only offline - some good friends lent me the game and I played it for... quite a while. Not counting the time they were at my place and we played for 6-8 hrs at a whack. I'll have to be getting this game sometime after xmas. ;) It rocketh.

Seriously considering buying yet another gun. ;)

A 30-30 Revolver from Magnum Research.

Very nice. 5-shots, 10" barrel.

Check the rest of the site out - they have a lot of interesting weapons. Like the .454 casull. The .444 Marlin. .500 S&W and the favorite .410 revolver. Yes, .410 like the shotgun. :) These are only the revolvers - the automatics are even more varied - and expensive.