Tuesday, December 14, 2004

New virus going around in email - be aware!

Symantec Security Response - W32.Erkez.D@mm

If you get an email with one of the following subjects:

* Merry Christmas!
* boldog karacsony...
* Feliz Navidad!
* ecard.ru
* Christmas Kort!
* Christmas Vykort!
* Christmas Postkort!
* Christmas postikorti!
* Christmas - Kartki!
* Weihnachten card.
* Prettige Kerstdagen!
* Christmas pohlednice
* Joyeux Noel!
* Buon Natale!"

and there is an attachment that is named strangely, DON'T OPEN IT. Of course. ;)

It's never a good idea to open any attachment you aren't expecting, and with the holidays this sort of virus will spread quickly.

The FROM field is faked to look like it is from someone else, someone who might be infected and had you in their email address book. Or perhaps someone else that was in the address book of an infected person - it varies.

So this email will look like it comes from someone you (most likely) know. Be warned!