Monday, February 07, 2005

Great game last night, even though I was hoping the Eagles would win. The commercials were pretty good - I think the best one was the cat and the spaghetti sauce. ;)

Had a good weekend with friends over for the game, we ate far far too much - everything from meat & cheese platters to BBQ smokies.

I also got a lot done Saturday and Sunday - went by the old house to pick up some mail that still went to the wrong house even after six months. *sigh*

Went to Home Depot and spent the Gift Cards from my brother and nephew - thanks guys! I got a buch of stuff I needed around the house!

Went to a friend's house to pick up some furniture - he and I moved two large shelving/glass fronted cases to my apt. Now I have some storage in my dining room for my figurines and dungeon pieces (Dwarven Forge). I moved all the dungeon pieces from my cassette cabinet where I had put them a few months ago into the new furniture - they all fit very well and are far easier to get to now!

I can't use the backyard at all now, unless it's below freezing outside - all the snow has reduced it to a mud bog. I'm having to remember to use the front door now, and Maggie is having to adjust to people coming in there - when it was very unusual for anyone to use it before. We'll adjust.

Today I get my crowns! YAY! I can eat regular food again! I was actually invited out for steak one day last week and had to decline - we went to Ruby Tuesday instead. I just couldn't eat steak with these temp crowns in. I guess I coulda got a chopped steak or something, but Ruby Tuesday was awesome - got a "Killer Fish Sandwich" which was a fish sandwich cajun-style, with remoulade sauce and all the goodness of a old-time po' boy. Great!