Friday, April 29, 2005

City Of Heroes update : Lvl 27.

I haven't played every night this week - I spent a few nights working on my new laptop! Yes, I bought a laptop!

P233, 208mb ram, 4gb HD, Gateway Solo 5100 - nice little laptop with a cd-rom and floppy. Got it for $20. TWENTY BUCKS. WOO!

Bought a leather carry case for it for $30, and had to buy a HD for $100 from ebay. The current hard drive is failing/failed - works sometimes, but throws a lot of errors and is corrupting itself. While it boots and works for now, it could stop working at ay time - the SMART circuitry in the drive predicts imminent failure, and has already disabled the drive once - I reset it manually.

Once I get the new drive, I'll likely just do a complete reinstall - I doubt that restoring the backup I took will work, as the backup likely has corrupt files, etc. The drive is so messed up that partition magic can't repartition it anymore. :)

But hey! $20! I'm happy! Total expenditure : $150 for a usable laptop!