Sunday, April 24, 2005

Good weekend! Friday night I played a little City of Heroes - only an hour or so - and got a few missions done - a little closer to my goal of finding all the badges scattered around, etc. the rest of them are in sections of the city that I cannot get into until I reach 30th and 33rd lvl, respectively. Since just last night I made 26th, those will have to wait a bit.

Yesterday some friends came over and we watched "Ferngully" which I just bought, and "Kung Fu Hustle", which is hilarious, well-done, and has some fantastic effects!

Today was game day, we advanced a bit more in the story, made a beautiful double-cross arrangement to get paid twice by different Drow houses for an artifact and fooled both houses into accepting half (or less) of the artifact as the whole thing. Lovely!

See, a scroll that is useless without two rings, and they sold the scroll to one house and the rings to the other!

Two pissed off Drow houses to hunt these guys down if either house finds out about the other one's deal. ;)

Plus, one of the houses was represented by a Balor - yes, like the one from LOTR. :) In disguise, of course. When the Psionic cast True Sight he almost choked on his tongue. hah!

So they are on the move again, tranferring a valuable caravan to the big city of Menzoberranzan. Lots of opportunity here.