Monday, June 20, 2005

Since April 12th I have been trying to have my car stereo replaced under warranty. I called for the umpteenth time this morning and the guy will call the radio people and call me right back. I have heard this many times before, and I doubt I will hear from him before the next time I call, most likely wednesday. I figure if I harass them about it enough they will eventually just replace it to get rid of me.

Waaaay back on April 12th, they agreed that the radio was defective and ordered a new one. On april 21st they called and said to bring the car in to install the one that just came in. I left the car there and had to get a lift to work, then back to the dealer. It was still sitting there, untouched. They said that they had checked the radio and it was defective, so would order a new one.


I went back over the details of the prior visit - they couldn't find me in their computer system by name, my phone number was in some stranger's account, and since you can only search by name, phone, or VIN, they finally found me by VIN. With the correct phone number and name on the account. Just unsearchable, apparently.

The record showed that the radio had arrived, and that I had scheduled to come in and have it replaced, but the radio was now MIA - they gave it to someone else, apparently. So we wait.

I'm still waiting. Turns out that sometime in early May the fellow that had been handling my account was let go, and the new guy didn't go through all the open accounts. Now I have been talking to him about this radio for a long time, and today I get this 'call you back' nonsense for the 10+th time.

Sheehy Ford Gaithersburg sucks when it comes to customer satisfaction after the sale - I really get the impression that they simply don't care. I love the car, it works great, looks good, etc. The only problem is the people at the maint garage. Their computer system is unreliable at best, and their techs aren't much better.