Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, tomorrow is court day, I haven't played City of Heroes all week, and I have watched most of the episodes of Firefly. Great series, the suits at Fox are idiots to have cancelled it.

In CoH I'm still at 39th lvl - but only just, I should make 40th with only 1-2 hours of play, maybe less if I can get on a good team.

This 4th of July will be a lazy one - I have no intentions of going anywhere or doing anything. Some of my friends have a hard time understanding that I prefer to be at home over anywhere else. I don't have the need to always be out and about, doing things. I'm definitely a home-body.

On the rare occasion I need to get out of the house, a nice meal in a restaurant or a trip to the mall with friends is all I need. :)