Sunday, July 03, 2005

Friday was Court Day - everything went smoothly and the divorce is now final. I think both Patty and I felt better afterwards, stress relieved, a bit of closure. Sara went with us as our witness, and afterwards I took the ladies out for brunch and to see War of the Worlds.

What an awesome movie! I was really impressed - the tripods are lethal and extremely well designed - really great effects. The acting was great and even Cruise was excellent! I'm going again tomorrow!

In City of Heroes I made 40th level, and then got involved with a group that attempted a very diffcult Task Force mission that got us all killed several times, and we still failed. I ran up 109,000 debt and some of the others hit the 300k cap. :) Not so good, but still fun!

I just finished watching the Firefly series - all 13 episodes. Awesome show!

I'm in the middle of watching Lidsville - strange but fun. There was an H.R. Pufinstuf crossover where Witchiepoo came to visit HooDoo when he sent a letter to a lonely-hearts club. Hilarious! After I finsih the Lidsville series I'll have to watch H.R. Pufinstuf to see if they include the crossover in that one as well!