Monday, July 11, 2005

Thursday I have to take Maggie to the doggie hospital for a day of tests - blood tests and others. Something is causing her to vomit every 2-3 days, this just after she had a serious infection and was on antibiotics for a while. The Dr believes it could be a bowel or upper-GI infection but wants to run the blood tests to rule out some other causes - mainly because if there is a blockage or infection he would have to use the scope (mini-camera on a stick) to go see it - and that procedure is $$$. Hopefully it will be something temporary and easily corrected.

We played Slayers saturday this past weekend - Fun as always! I tried to use Sleep on a grey ooze, sonic, cold, and fire on a golem, and finally proved my worth by casting a powerful firebolt (7d10 dmg) at a vampire - pretty much took it out. He vanished in a puff of smoke!

Then we camped in his chamber. Seemed secure.

**Insert ominous music**

So, we wake to the screams of our priestess being bitten by a vampire. *sigh* oops.

I hit him with the Firebolt again and he poofs again. THIS TIME we search the room very thoroughly and find his coffin. Unless he can survive being staked, beheaded and burned in separate pyres, he won't be back. Fun!

At work we just got a new Sonicwall 5060 and I'm happily learning it. (brain hurts)

I made lvl 41 in City of Heroes, and hope to hit lvl 50 before 2006.

Some friends and I stayed up late Saturday and watched Nightmare on Elm Street #1, 2 & 3. Might catch the other 4 next weekend, dunno yet.

Side-Note - Radeon 7200 video card may not be compatible with Win XP. :) Wouldn't boot at all. Bought a new FX5500 and now it works beautifully! Also added a spare pc133 128mb dimm to give the box 256 total. Turning out to be a nice box!