Friday, September 23, 2005


What a week.

City Of Heroes : I went back through all of my previous contacts and made a list, and I'm visiting them one by one, looking for missions I overlooked or that were glitched and missed me. So far I have found three old story arcs that I missed! It's fun being a lvl 50 and annihilating lvl 18 or 23 bad guys.

Work : We have been fighting an issue where our primary app will not work across a VPN (secure link between two firewalls, so we can remotely connect to our secure network across the wild wild internet). Turns out that after three days of troublshooting and testing, the only reason it didn't work is that we have to go into Start/Search and search for the computer we need to connect to, then open it up for browsing - this authenticates our remote station to it so the application works. *sigh* simple solution, yet it took four people three days to stumble upon it.

Home : Watched House, Lost, Invasion, and a lot of food network stuff. I also managed to get my old system working on a version of linux and successfully copied all of my backups to it, as well as all of my music files, and I installed a music player on it so I can play music on that system while using my main system for other stuff. I'll eventually rig up an rsync backup system to keep my main system backed up to the old one, but that is a project for another day.