Thursday, September 15, 2005

Just finished watching Halloween 6 & 7.

All week has been Halloween week. Recap:

1 = the original, awesome and scary.
2 = the sequel, perhaps better than the original - starts immediately after the 1st one ends, and I mean IMMEDIATELY!

3 = I don't have and didn't see - is not a Michael Myers movie, but some crap about boobytrapped halloween masks.

4 = 10 yrs after #2, Michael Myers comes back when he learns of a niece. Shocking ending will have you screaming NOOOO!
5 = 1 yr later, comes after the niece again very good movie with bits of soem cult being hinted at. beginning of CRAP from #6.

4 & 5 are actually pretty good, very scary, and horrific in places.

6 = 6 yrs later, we find that the niece was kidnapped by a cult and Myers is working with them somehow? Freakin stupid movie. Plot must have been written my insane ferrets on crack. Niece has child by Myers, escapes with baby, rest of movie is everyone trying to protect the baby and ends with some nonsensical crap. No logic throughout the movie - obviously just a money-sponge. WORST ONE of the series.

7 = Pretends 4, 5, & 6 never happened - Laurie Strode (from 1 and 2) apparently escaped, faked her death in a car accident, and dissapeared, now she runs a boys school. :) Good movie, overall - has L L Cool J in it. Jamie Lee Curtis is back. She gets to fight Myers and apparently wins in the end!

8 = I'll let you know.