Saturday, March 04, 2006

Wow - a full week since my last post! Where DOES the time go? In my case, into the computer.

I have been playing a LOT of City of Villains again, and even playing City of Heroes! I have been playing with a couple of new villains trying to get them leveled up a bit, plus I managed to get the last of the tough missions done with my main hero - missions I had been putting off for nearly a year.

I also have been busy at work trying to get our main backup and home-folders server replaced - it has failed one drive already, and now shows signs of failing another one - or the controller could be going. Either case is bad. We have built up a RAID box that has on the order of 7 times as much space. Good thing too, it was VERY full. 90% plus, and I have had to store about 50gb on my local system HD - not a good practice.

And of course, it never rains but it pours, the webserver threw a disk as well. *sigh*

*Crosses fingers that everything is OK over the weekend*