Saturday, April 22, 2006


I finished a long session of playing City of Villains to see a tiny yellow icon on my taskbar I have never seen before. When I clicked it, it popped up a message about a failed cache write on one of my hard drives.

? huh ?

SO I opened the event viewer and was greeted with HUNDREDS of ERROR MESSAGES.

Oh lordy.

The first one : An error has been detected on /Device/Harddisk0/D during a paging operation. Controller Error. (This one happened hundreds of times, with the next two popping in occasionaly)

The next one : Failed to flush data to transaction log. Corruption may occur. (This one happened several times)

And the next one : Delayed write failed on folder E:\ARCHIVES\

Several times. mostly with the same folder, but occasionally others.

I rebooted, it came up clean, no obvious errors on the drive - I'm running thorough checks now.

What happened? Could be my fault. I put another fan in there to try to alleviate what I saw as a heat issue. Never had a problem before, I was just being paranoid. I think the fan may have been too close to the drive OR was drawing power from the drive, as it was tapped into the same power connection as the drive with the errors.

I pulled the fan out. Let's see what happens.

The drive is a Maxtor 300gb - one of the fastest drives in the world, even with the new drives out, it still holds up as a very fast drive.