Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just visited Maggie - she recognized me and actually stepped out of the cage, then sat down - she's exhausted and drugged to the gills with painkillers.

I got her to go back into the cage and she just sat there wedged into the corner, propped up on her front legs, head drooping way down. Sad looking.

But she knew me, and knew I was there to see her, and was happy in a drugged-out way.

They said she isn't eating, and we talked about perhaps some soft venison/potato or duck/potato - whichever they thought was best. I'm sure she's just not in an eating mood with all the trauma and such.

She should be good to come home Friday, which will give me a whole weekend to tend to her and help her mend.

I just hope she's a lot better by Monday. I'll still go home around 11:30 or so to check on her and let her out a bit. I don't have a cage for her, so I cannot restrict her movements easily. Of course, the way she looked tonight, she won't want to move much.

One of my windows was dribbling from the top of the windowsill the other day when it rained, and they are supposed to come fix it - Tuesday. They didn't. Then today. Nope. Now they say tomorrow. We'll see.

I emphasized that this week was good because my dog was in the hospital - and once she got back I didn't want anyone in here without me being present to take care of her while they worked. :)