Thursday, November 16, 2006

Saw Maggie again! She was very happy to see me, was all wiggly and yipping and whining and crawled in my lap for a bit. She wanted to walk out of there right then! After a while I put her back in the cage and said my goodbyes - she comes home tomorrow night. She barked like mad at me after I left!

The doctor said her liver tests were still whacko - about the same as before the surgery and a few numbers were off even more than before, but not to worry as that was most likely her body responding to the trauma and the biopsy - which is a liver injury, after all.

I stopped at my regular vet's office and got a case of soft food that I could mix with the dry and maybe get her to eat that way. If she won't eat the dry even with the wet mixed in, I'll go straight wet food.

She is scheduled for her dental work Nov 30 - a Thursday, so I can take that Friday off and be with her if I need to. (For dental work they must put the dog under again, and just Tuesday she was under for several hours. I don't want to push it.)

If she continues to improve this way, she'll be good as new within a week! I hope that the stitches hold and there is no infection, that the biopsies come back negative, and the liver function and other blood tests normalize over the next month or so.