Monday, November 20, 2006

Maggie ate a decent-sized meal tonight for the first time in over 2 weeks! I mixed the canned and the kibble, nuked it for 20 sec, stirred it up, put it on the floor and walked away about 5'. She sniffed it, licked the edge - then ate 2-3 bites of it before sitting in front of it and looking at me with big puppy eyes.

So I spoon-fed the rest to her. About 12-15 spoonfuls, she only left 2 in the bowl. Nice, and made me happy that she ate. I'll wean her off the spoon-feeding later.

And I proved that I am incapable of cooking. I opened one of those frozen sweet & sour chicken bags you saute for 15 min, then forgot it for the better part of 30. No stirring. It would have been far longer except for Maggie - she went to the kitchen, then came just outside and sat and stared at me. I noticed this and then remembered WHY she was staring at me.

I threw the bottom half away, and the top half was perfectly done. A little carmelized but good. I was literally 2-3 minutes from the thick black smoke stage of cooking known as "OH SH*T!".

Internet was down when I got home, but it came back on about 30 min ago. Yay!