Sunday, April 08, 2007

Today I got quite a bit done - even though most of the stores I wanted to visit were closed. I got two replacement lights for outside the front door - the old ones are bent and broken. I also bought and installed 3 smoke detectors, 5 floor vents, fixed some droopy insulation in the laundry room, applied an entire jug of anti-pest bug killer around the entire foundation, sprayed thoroughly in the basement and laundry room, etc. Had some mondo spiders - killed one while I was there. I also bought and installed 6 ultrasonic pest/insect repellers.

I packed up most of my hardbacks, had to buy smaller boxes at Staples - cheapest place I could find them. $17 for 12 boxes with lids. Not bad. I got 36, but I need 12 more at least. I think once I get those I will have enough boxes to finish packing. I set aside a few in prep for moving day, when I'll need to quickly pack the last few things. Moving day is set for April 21. I still need to get the cable guys to the house to see if the mess left by the previous owner can be repaired or if all the cable must be replaced.